Battlegroup North
( Formerly Wheels & Wings )

It has been a hard decision to take, but the current organising committee, namely myself, Simon Roberts, Gary Docherty and Dave Reape, have decided to step down from the organisation of the Battlegroup North show for the foreseeable future. As you all know we have organised this show for quite a number of years now ( I think its 10 years or more) at the Yorkshire Air Museum, Elvington. But, we have finally decided that the time has come for the show in its current format to have a rest. And we, like the show, need a rest from it too.
There are many reasons for this decision, which we don’t need to go into here, but after discussion with the management of the museum, we all concluded that it was probably wise to have some time off from the big show.

Relations with the museum are still in good order, and we have already discussed the possibility of other events in the museum, but probably on a smaller scale, and at different times, so you can look forward to those in the not too distant future.

I’m sure you can appreciate the amount of work that goes into the organisation of a show such as this, and therefore I would like to extend my grateful thanks to Simon, Gary and Dave for all of their help, hard work, patience and imagination over the past years. I would also like to thank very much, our hosts at the Yorkshire Air Museum, who have allowed us to use their facilities for all of these years.
If anybody feels that they would like to form a committee to take on the organisation of the show either in 2016 or beyond, please get in touch with me and I will be more than happy to help you get going, and to help with the liason with the museum and other suppliers etc. We have a great deal of information and experience so am happy to share it if you want to give it a try…..
 With best wishes for a busy and successful 2016 season
Brian Slingsby, and ‘the committee’ Simon, Dave and Gary.
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